A Heritage of Extraordinary Artisans,
Tradition and Rich Quality Techniques

Born in Naples, a city of artists and antique traditions, Giovanni
personifies all the qualities, this sun-lit city can endow: inspiration,
creativity, a taste for refinement. Son and grandson of famous
designers, Giovanni spends his childhood amongst skilful artisans.
He develops a passion for art and its history, and enrols in the
Academy of Fine Arts, specialising in Costume and Theatre Design.
Inevitably, Giovanni becomes the indisputable successor to a
tradition of design, which began at the beginning of the last century.

Upon graduating, Giovanni takes his place along side his father
Mario, with whom he works for twelve years in a professional
climate bursting with ideas and creativity. This fervent environment
is enriched by the contribution of designers Giorgio Armani, Gianni
Versace, Karl Lagerfeld and Claude Montana, who participate in the
creation of some of the company’s fashion collections. Giovanni
gains solid and fundamental experience in the world of Italian
fashion and in time becomes the sole designer of the brand.

In 1991, Giovanni decides to create a fashion line of
his own combining unedited design with the highest level of
quality and workmanship. Together with his wife
Annabella, he develops the “Giovanni Valentino Group” which soon
operates extensively on an international level. A great success based
on an unprecedented concept: the unison of ‘past’ and ‘present’ to
attain a style that is radical and exclusive, that embraces art and
tradition and at the same time projects us into the future.


Three Generations of the Valentino family,
Giovanni Valentino has a rich heritage
of prestigious Italian design.

  • 1908
    Vincenzo Valentino, Giovanni’s grandfather,
    established the first ever Valentino
    Fashion House in 1908.

    The famous French actress Josephine Baker dedicates her photo to Vincenzo in recognition of the Valentino shoes designed for her in the 1932 film ‘Sea Kid’.

    During this period the world famous opera singer Enrico Caruso and actress Greta Garbo, alongside the Italian Royal Family were all clients of the Maison Valentino.
  • 1950s
    The name ‘VALENTINO’ was
    registered as a trademark for the first
    time ever by the Valentino family in 1952.
    The family’s ‘Coral Sandal’ was chosen
    by the BALLY SHOE MUSEUM Schonenwerd,
    Switzerland. Vogue France immortalises
    the Valentino family as the
    aristocracy of fashion by 1954.

    Giovanni is born on 6 of January1956,
    shown with his father Mario
    Valentino on his 1st birthday.

  • 1980
    Giovanni was appointed
    Creative Director of the
    family Valentino business,
    leading the expansion into the
    international markets of Asia.

    In 1985, the Valentino family received
    the Special Achievement Award from the then
    Italian President SANDRO PERTINI.
    The "Calivale" medal, which won the highest
    honor of the country, further confirmed the
    Valentino brand's noble temperament and
    excellent quality.
  • Mid 90s
    Giovanni Valentino expands into the
    US Pacific with its first Showroom
    in Trump Tower
    in New York, launching GV’s Haute Couture
    accessories at the Las Vegas Hotel Bellagio.

    Giovanni Valentino flagship
    boutique opens in Via della Spiga, Milan,
    instantly acclaimed by Women's Wear
    Daily (WWD) for the unique
    geometric design of its exclusive
    Haute Couture Collection.
  • 2007
    Annabella Valentino establishes collaboration
    with the University of the Arts, London;
    expanding the business group offering into
    Cultural & Arts from Maison
    Giovanni in Florence.

    The Giovanni Valentino brand leads the Far East market in premium
    heritage leather goods & menswear.
    Listed and showcased as main ambassador for 100 years of Italian luxury exhibition, held in Shanghai